With soma you turn your idea into real products. We deeply care about the best quality, great design and the environment. A wide range of our manufacturers uses recycled or environmentally friendly materials.

Originally rooted in cultural merchandising, mainly for museums such as Pergamon Museum in Berlin, the Belvedere in Vienna or Miro in Barcelona we performed in highest quality and best service from the beginning.

More interested in the creative process of product development we now focus more on helping you to turning theory into action. Here is how we do it.



Whether your product idea needs refinement or is ready for prototyping, we guide you to perfection. Our vast experience with materials, designs and trends results in a good overview of what worked before and where the market is going. We help you to refine your idea, develop a whole series of products and never lose track of what your brand communicates.


Once the idea is ripe for visualization we will get right into it. Our tools reach from a pencil, over Illustrator to a 3D printer. This process is a back and forth between us and you, always focusing on creating something unique and special.


When idea, design and parameters such as quantity and quality are set, we will be able to pin a price. We are competitive and transparent. Most of our productions for higher quantities are in China. Here we have our own sourcing and logistic office. We realize a lot of smaller quantities in the EU.


At the end of this step shall be a prototype that is identical with the mass produced product. This process requires mostly one attempt due to our vast experience. In some cases the first prototype will need improvement to match your vision. We often worked with clients who were under time pressure to release their product quick. Do not worry, we perform fast and highly professional.


A perfect prototype is the gate way to mass production. As mentioned above, we produce many big quantities in China. Our CEO lived and worked in China and Taiwan for 3 ½ years, knows the culture, speaks the language and our Code of Conduct secures legally all demands we and you could have.

Production must be a personal thing, with love to the detail and care for the final result.


Due to the environment we prefer sea freight. We do work with express and air freight. From the gates of the factory to your storage facility your goods are in the best of hands.



Daniel Bosman

CEO & Product Developer

"It’s fascinating to see the transformation from an idea into something you can touch. As a product developer you never stop learning and that makes me feel happy"

Aura Semrau

Artist & Product Designer

"I love to dive into the depths of client-soma communication. This flow is to me the artsy and creative equal to becoming a parent"